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3 Amazing Speech Therapy Memberships You May Be Missing Out On!

3 Amazing Speech Therapy Memberships You May Be Missing Out On!

Today I'd love to share three medical speech-language pathology memberships that you just may be missing out on. I have found value in each of the resources listed below - so check them out and tell me what you think!

1. Step Community

Created By: Dr. Ianessa A. Humbert and Rinki Varindani Desai

Visit The Step Community Here

Step Community is a monthly subscription site that provides subscribers unlimited streaming of dysphagia-related content.  Receive education and training on both the normal and abnormal aspects of the swallow.  Watch animated videos, listen to podcasts and review text content to take your competencies in dysphagia to the next level.

Who is it for?:

  • Clinicians seeking to gain knowledge and training in aspects of the normal and disordered swallow.

  • Clinicians looking for evidence-based guidance on diagnosis and treatment of the disordered swallow.

What you will love about it:

  • How much of your graduate school program was focused on training the sequence of events involved in the NORMAL swallow?

  • The animated module called SNAPS (Swallowing Neuro Anatomy and Physiology Shorts) that breaks down the sequence and musculature required for the normal swallow.

  • Access to content from the Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management course.

Be sure to check out:

  • The dysphagia treatment module which touches on a variety of topics including traditional management techniques, strength training, and electrical stimulation. You get a mix of texts, podcasts and training videos to really gain a firmer footing in dysphagia management.

Cost:$9 monthly (dirt cheap and soooo worth it!)

2. The Med SLP Collective

Visit The Med SLP Collective Here

Created By:  Theresa Richards

The Med SLP Collective is a monthly membership site with a ever-growing catalog of printable handouts and resources, training videos, and live monthly 2-hour CEUs.  Membership also includes access to both an online private forum (available on a downloadable app or via web browser) and a private Facebook group with a team of mentors available to answer your assessment and treatment related questions.

Who is it for?:

  • Clinicians who work in the medical setting (NICU/pediatric and adult).

  • Clinicians looking for a supportive community of other SLPs who:

    • down in the trenches facing similar work challenges

    • want to high-five your victories and pick you up through some of the defeats

    • empathize with the stressful aspects of your clinical life

    • are dedicated in the pursuit of clinical best practice (#bettertogether)

  • Clinicians transitioning to the medical setting and who are seeking evidence-based and curated medical-related resources, training and support for this transition.

What you will love about it:

  • New content added WEEKLY (resource library).

  • Content is voted on my members so you get what you ask for!

  • The community support of the Facebook group

Be Sure to Check Out:

The FEES documentation webinar from April 2018, the Cranial Nerve Exam and the ASHA CEU webinar for Esophageal Dysphagia from May 2018

Cost: $34 monthly

3. Therapy Insight's Therapy Fix

Visit Therapy Insights Here Created By: Megan Berg

Therapy Fix is a monthly membership in either digital or print form. I’ve been around since the beginning of this subscription service and marvel at how it’s grown! In the early days Megan geared her content towards adult medical SLP but the service has since grown to include monthly subscriptions for pediatrics, physical & occupational therapists.

Every month subscribers receive a packet full of gorgeously designed evidence-based education, assessment and treatment materials. You have the option of purchasing the digital version or for only $5 more you can receive the digital version AND a print version delivered to your front door. This is a monthly membership you can cancel at any time.

Who is it for?

  • Speech-Language Pathologists working in pediatric or adult rehabilitation settings

  • Clinicians looking for functional cognitive-communication activities, engaging informational handouts, book reviews and other visually appealing prints to add to their daily practice.

What you will love about it:

  • I love mail! This monthly membership package is always a treat to grab out of the mailbox after a long work week. The frequency of delivery gives me something new and refreshing to look forward for my clinical practice.

  • The digital copies allow you to print out as many copies as you need. They are downloadable so you keep them forever.

Be sure to check out:

  • Planning and Organizing a Week based on 6 Voicemails Activity

  • Make Your Own Communication Board for Aphasia

  • List of 72 Compensatory Strategies to Increase Independence with Cognitive-Linguistic Skills

Cost: $20 monthly Digital / $25 Digital and Print Version

HUGE List of Therapy Activities for Adult Speech Therapy

HUGE List of Therapy Activities for Adult Speech Therapy

Automatic Sequences & Song Lyrics for Individuals with Aphasia

Automatic Sequences & Song Lyrics for Individuals with Aphasia