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Memory Action Plan for Functional Recall

Memory Action Plan for Functional Recall

This activity encourages intentional use of memory strategies in the situations needed most, according to each individual client.  The action plan is a visual tool to guide your patient through…

  • selecting memory targets

  • developing a plan for improved recall

  • self-monitoring follow-through for recall

  • and finally re-evaluating the strategy for effectiveness and relevance

This process is individualized, interactive and can be highly motivating for patient's able to identify functional recall deficits.

Examples of Functional Memory Targets

  • Names: spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, co-workers

  • Electronics: login passwords, usernames, pin, contact numbers

  • ADLs: sequencing, items needed for an activity

  • Orientation: place, activity schedule, time

  • Medications: type & dosage, schedule, special instructions

  • Precautions: safety, call-light, hip, spinal, aspiration

  • Schedule: upcoming appointments, events, home health visits

  • Frequently Lost Items: location

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